Pre-1933 US Gold Coins

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Pre-1933 Gold CoinPre-1933 gold typically refers to any US gold coin minted between the years of 1795 and 1932.

In the darkest days of the Great Depression, Pres. Roosevelt prohibited the US public from holding monetary gold, and this dictate included gold coins. There were some collectors coins and jewelry exempted from this prohibition, but tremendous numbers of pre-33 gold was rounded up and returned to the US Treasury and cast into bars. 

Vintage Pre-1933 gold coins present myriad benefits. First, pre-33 coinage presents an outstanding investment opportunity. The rarity of these instruments keeps prices high. These coins also offer a beauty that transcends their cash value. The rarity of these instruments keeps prices high. These coins also offer a beauty that transcends their cash value. US Gold Firm is no stranger to these Pre-133 gold coins and we understand that they move fast, so should you! Please call 1-888-314-7691 for more information on what we do have in stock. 

The rarity of these mean that what’s left of the pre-1933 coins are limited in supply, but USGF prides themselves on offering these at decent prices for any enthusiastic collector. Some of the gems you might find in our inventory include the popular San Francisco California twenty dollar gold coin from the 1850s, among other popular pre-1933 coins. USGF offers a range of Pre-1933 U.S. gold coins, complete with different designs that tell a piece of U.S. history and symbolize a piece of time that was so crucial in shaping the U.S. today. Call 1-888-314-7691 for more information on what we have in stock!

Our most popular part of the collection for pre-1933 coins include:

Pre-1933 Indian Gold Coins: These popular coins were designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and feature Liberty in a Native American war bonnet on one face of the gold coin and an honorable American Eagle on the reverse. This coin is a perfect embodiment of freedom and liberty, two American ideals that run since the beginning of our start. This pre-1933 gold coin tends to be the most popular because it is easier for collectors to purchase and a great way to start your collection.

Pre-1933 Saint Gauden (Double Eagle) Gold Coins: The double eagles began circulating in the 1920s, the first year of its appearance being in 1922. Often known as the Seven Saints of Philadelphia, this unique collection dates from 1922 to 1928.

Pre-1933 Liberty Gold Coins: For any collector or investor, the pre-1933 liberty gold coins seem to be favored, too. It’s got such a big hold on history, so there’s no doubt a history buff would be enthralled with this gold coin. The scarcity of the liberty coins dating back to 1933 when FDR ordered these to be melted down has made their gold value the fountain of potential growth.

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