Young Adults Should Invest In Gold and Silver NowYoung Adults Should Invest In Gold and Silver Now:

What is a Millennial to do?

It is no secret that today's young adults are living in a world far different from that of their predecessors.  While their grandparents relied on Social Security as future means of financial stability, young adults today know no such guarantee.  Instead, these twenty-somethings and even thirty-somethings, with degrees mind you, struggle just to find jobs.  Many are still living under their parents' roofs, heavily dependent on them for support in every facet.  So what is a millennial to do? 

According to Jeffrey Tucker of, many young people of today are taking their futures into their own hands.  Instead of riding through life without vision for the future, many college-aged people are using their God-given abilities, as well as the technology of today to work towards a better tomorrow.  Creativity, entrepreneurship, and hope are all factors of the driven young adult's character. 

While creativity and entrepreneurship play a huge role in the development of a promising future, it takes more to get the ball rolling. 

You know the old saying: “It takes money to make money.”  There is quite a bit of truth in that, so the endeavors of these visionary young people might seem daunting.  Many have dreams of starting businesses, but how does one launch a business on a college student's budget?  And most hope for pay-off in latter years for a lifetime of hard work, but how does anyone guarantee himself a comfortable retirement during turbulent economic times such as these?

Personally, I've always been a dreamer, and I believe that if you work hard enough for to achieve something, then sooner or later, you will achieve it.  Some of the greatest greats out there started out with very little, and today they boast of huge success.  However, that doesn't mean that an aspiring “great” can't do with a little wisdom from the experts.

I remember hearing it over and over when I was a kid: “Why don't you save that money?”  I tried to save.  I really did.  But sooner or later, that money would burn a hole in my pocket, and to the toy store I would go.  But saving really is some of the greatest advice a young adult can take to heart.  “Save, save, save,” our forebears tell us, and save we should. 

There are tons of articles available on the web full of advice for millennials about saving and investing, but none of them ever mention precious metals. 

Why not? 

If you're under the impression that gold and silver are just for senior citizens, think again.  A little bit of gold or silver each month will add up.  Just like the cash in your savings account, the metal in your safety deposit box at home will gradually increase over time if you consistently set aside money for it each month (or however often you plan to purchase).  However, unlike the cash in your savings account, the metal in your safety deposit box has the potential to increase in value.  And let's face it, the dollar is depreciating in value, and a weak dollar means strong gold and silver

It's a win-win.  So why not?  Why not plunk down some green stuff for some shiny stuff with intrinsic value?  You'll thank yourself for it later. 

If you aren't one of the visionary young people with goals for great success, then I encourage you to jump on the bandwagon. 

Start your journey today with an investment in your future!